Friday, June 3, 2011

Progress on my Daisy rug and Kenny's cancer

Here is my progress on my Daisy rug

Daisy (the dog), the daisy flower, the orange round berries and the brown picture frame-ish border are done in an 8 cut.  Her name will also be in an 8 cut. The grass and blue sky are done in 8.5 cut.  I have rewrote her name, hence the double vision you get looking at it.  I am using 3 different blues in the sky and am really liking it.  I am using the lightest blue to outline around Daisy to give her a glowing effect.

Most of this was done before Kenny's cancer diagnoses last March.  He completed 6 weeks of radiation and chemo just before Memorial Day weekend.  His blood work stayed normal through it all and he only had a few days of feeling like he had a bad hangover.  Most of his issues now have to do with the effects of the radiation to his esophagus, but he is still able to eat mostly normal so he is thankful for that!  His follow up PET/CT scan is in a few weeks and then surgery the end of the month.

We want to say THANK YOU!!!  to all that have keep him/us in your thought and prayers.  We are firm believers in what positive thoughts/vibes can do for healing.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What I have been working on..

Still slowly working on my Daisy rug.  I have gotten all the green "grassy" are done below Daisy's feet, the border area along there, most of the daisies and some of the blue sky.  I hope to take a photo soon and post it. 

Time has been occupied with my husband's recent diagnoses of esophagus cancer.  It is a late stage 2, early stage 3 cancer as it had gone through the esophagus wall and infiltrated 3 lymph nodes (they didn't show up on the PET scan as cancerous).  Kenny started radiation/chemo treatment last week and is doing well.  It will be a long summer of treatments, then surgery, then more chemo.  He is only 40 years old!!!  A non-smoker and non-drinker, he has none of the risk factors except being a white male.  As our periwinkle wristbands say "CANCER SUCKS"!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

What I have been working on..

a rug of our dog, Daisy.  Here is the rug with Daisy hooked and a bit of adapting.  The pattern is by Margo White named Dog with Flowers and is 22" x 36". 

I wanted her name in the rug so decided to not hook the flowers over her back and put in her name.  Then I thought the flowers should be daisies so I redrew the flowers.

I am really happy with the way Daisy has turned out.  I especially love how her ear is!

The other photo worthy thing I did this month was I baked a blackberry pie.  I like baking pies but I never am able to get the crust rolled out without it pulling apart and just other wise looking like a 3 year old made it - my baker Grandpa would not be proud of my attempts.  This month's pie though came together awesomely.  I took a picture before I baked it because I was so proud and shocked at the result.  Almost looks good enough to be in a cookbook.  Grandpa would be proud of this one!  :)