Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays to all!  Here are some pictures of rugs I have finished this fall...

Sunflower, about 13" round, my own design.  Background is purple but does not show well in picture.

Tweetle Dee, a Red Rockets design.  about 14" x 17".  Love the bright colors, whipped with a verigated yarn of yellow, red and orange.

Oh Christmas Tree, about 13" x 15", my own design.  Tree is a dark texture that is not showing up well in the picture.  This is hanging on the wall and looks to be our tree for Christmas this year.

Pumpkins, 6" x 8", my own design.  Top 2 are done with the same textured wool.  2nd row left was a nifty plaid, 2nd row right was done with leftover scraps of reds, browns, oranges in textures and solids.  Bottom was done in scraps of off white textures and solids.

Just finished stitching this one!  Frosty Mugs by Threads That Bind, 11" x 47".  All wool with pearl cotton thread.  Will be a Christmas gift for my friend Christy.

I have one New Year's resolution:  I need to blog more!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fiber Arts Festival, Fargo ND

Just a quick post...  it has been a BUSY summer!

I will be vending at the Fiber Arts Festival in Fargo, North Dakota this weekend - August 11th & 12th.  This will be my first year attending and if you would like more information you can click here.

If you would like to see what has been keeping me busier than usual this summer click here.

Monday, April 30, 2012

remodel finished!

Here are pictures of our bathroom and bedroom remodel that has taken up much of my time the last couple months.  Things still undone in the pictures are now completed (like outlet covers).  :)

This is our new vanity sink.  I LOVE the granite vanity top.  It is dried up prehistoric river bed - I love picking up rocks when I walk on our gravel road so this granite is so me!  When you turn around from the sink the opposite wall is the toilet and shower.

Our shower has a bench seat and 3 shelves made out of the same granite slab. 

When we added on the bedroom in the fall of 2009 the carpenters took off the vinyl siding and the OLD pressed board siding and revealed this - the original cedar siding. 
We really liked the look but the boards were in bad shape so we got new cedar siding and put that over the old stuff.  I sanded the siding to get it semi smooth and put a coat of semi gloss varnish on it so I can wipe off dust easily.

We put the cedar siding on the old exterior walls so we have a 16 foot wall of cedar and then a short 5 foot wall of cedar.  But I think the best part of both rooms are the ceilings!  Here is the bedroom with the barn lights installed.

And here is the bathroom.
The boards are car siding that I stained with blue wood stain then put on a coat of semi gloss varnish.  I love the look!  Next time I will show the completed bedroom plus what is keeping me busy currently - here is a sneak peak...

Friday, March 2, 2012

Rug Progress

Here is the progress I have made on my latest rug.

I love the bright colors!  I rehooked some of the yellow sun areas as I didn't like the way I was hooking it.  I was echoing the shape of the flowers in the yellow but didn't like the look it was giving.  So I took it out and just echoed the shape of the sun (up one side and down the other).  I like this look much better. 

The last few weeks we have had carpenters working on finishing the bathroom remodel we started over 8 years ago.  When we started the renevation it was only to replace the old cast iron tub that was badly scratched and beyond refinishing.  Taking that out lead to removing the plaster from the walls and replacing with sheetrock (or whatever the stuff for wet areas is called).  We put in a new tub/shower and were happy... until the tub bottom cracked a year later.  So for 7 years we have been in limbo trying to decide if we wanted to put a tub/shower back in or go a different route.  I wanted a tile shower stall and Kenny was for it but it was beyond our knowledge.  So we procrastinated for all these years and finally took the plung and just hired someone to do it.  All I have had to do is prime the walls and paint them this weekend and stain trim board.  That I can handle.  I will show pictures when it is all done, hopefully in a week or so.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Another Finish & What I Am Working On

Here is a rug I finished hooking in December 2010 but only finished whipping it earlier this month.

I designed this rug and started it at the 2010 Northern Lights Rug Hooking Camp, my teacher was Kathy Morton Mullvain.  It is titled "Rooster" and is 18" x 18", I hooked it with an 8 cut.  I started to realize I was badly packing my loops on this rug, the background is dense! 

Here is what I am working on currently.

I am using very bright, primary type colors - very outside the box for me.  I am really liking it and it is hooking up quickly.  I started this rug on Saturday and last night Kenny said I have been power hooking lately.  So far in the last 4 weeks I have finished my Daisy rug, whip stitched two rugs, finished the background on a rug that has been in my UFO tub for over 4 years and started this rug.  I guess I have found some hooking mojo.  :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm Back & Daisy Rug Done!!!

Happy Belated New Year!!!

Here is my completed Daisy Rug.  A Margo White pattern titled "Dog With Flowers" that I adapted to fit my Daisy dog, 22" x 36", I used 8 and 81/2 cuts.

I am soo happy with the way it turned out - it is my new favorite rug!  Here is a picture of the real Daisy dog, she is 12 years old this year.

I have another rug completed that I will show tomorrow, plus what I am working on currently, it is very bright.

The greatest news is that after chemo & radiation, surgery and more chemo...   Kenny's scans on December 21st were CLEAR of any cancer!!!!  That was great news right before Christmas!!  We again want to thank everyone who prayed for him, thought of him or sent well wishes!