Friday, March 2, 2012

Rug Progress

Here is the progress I have made on my latest rug.

I love the bright colors!  I rehooked some of the yellow sun areas as I didn't like the way I was hooking it.  I was echoing the shape of the flowers in the yellow but didn't like the look it was giving.  So I took it out and just echoed the shape of the sun (up one side and down the other).  I like this look much better. 

The last few weeks we have had carpenters working on finishing the bathroom remodel we started over 8 years ago.  When we started the renevation it was only to replace the old cast iron tub that was badly scratched and beyond refinishing.  Taking that out lead to removing the plaster from the walls and replacing with sheetrock (or whatever the stuff for wet areas is called).  We put in a new tub/shower and were happy... until the tub bottom cracked a year later.  So for 7 years we have been in limbo trying to decide if we wanted to put a tub/shower back in or go a different route.  I wanted a tile shower stall and Kenny was for it but it was beyond our knowledge.  So we procrastinated for all these years and finally took the plung and just hired someone to do it.  All I have had to do is prime the walls and paint them this weekend and stain trim board.  That I can handle.  I will show pictures when it is all done, hopefully in a week or so.

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