Monday, April 30, 2012

remodel finished!

Here are pictures of our bathroom and bedroom remodel that has taken up much of my time the last couple months.  Things still undone in the pictures are now completed (like outlet covers).  :)

This is our new vanity sink.  I LOVE the granite vanity top.  It is dried up prehistoric river bed - I love picking up rocks when I walk on our gravel road so this granite is so me!  When you turn around from the sink the opposite wall is the toilet and shower.

Our shower has a bench seat and 3 shelves made out of the same granite slab. 

When we added on the bedroom in the fall of 2009 the carpenters took off the vinyl siding and the OLD pressed board siding and revealed this - the original cedar siding. 
We really liked the look but the boards were in bad shape so we got new cedar siding and put that over the old stuff.  I sanded the siding to get it semi smooth and put a coat of semi gloss varnish on it so I can wipe off dust easily.

We put the cedar siding on the old exterior walls so we have a 16 foot wall of cedar and then a short 5 foot wall of cedar.  But I think the best part of both rooms are the ceilings!  Here is the bedroom with the barn lights installed.

And here is the bathroom.
The boards are car siding that I stained with blue wood stain then put on a coat of semi gloss varnish.  I love the look!  Next time I will show the completed bedroom plus what is keeping me busy currently - here is a sneak peak...

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  1. love your redos! the granite is beautiful and i love the walls and ceilings... all of it! must feel good to have it done! adorable babies...enjoy your day!