Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays to all!  Here are some pictures of rugs I have finished this fall...

Sunflower, about 13" round, my own design.  Background is purple but does not show well in picture.

Tweetle Dee, a Red Rockets design.  about 14" x 17".  Love the bright colors, whipped with a verigated yarn of yellow, red and orange.

Oh Christmas Tree, about 13" x 15", my own design.  Tree is a dark texture that is not showing up well in the picture.  This is hanging on the wall and looks to be our tree for Christmas this year.

Pumpkins, 6" x 8", my own design.  Top 2 are done with the same textured wool.  2nd row left was a nifty plaid, 2nd row right was done with leftover scraps of reds, browns, oranges in textures and solids.  Bottom was done in scraps of off white textures and solids.

Just finished stitching this one!  Frosty Mugs by Threads That Bind, 11" x 47".  All wool with pearl cotton thread.  Will be a Christmas gift for my friend Christy.

I have one New Year's resolution:  I need to blog more!