Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rug progress and SNOW

I have been hooking along on my rug and spend about 4 hours on it yesterday while it snowed.

starting on the background
I decided on 6 wools for the background that are off white, beige and light grey in textures and solids. I cut them all up, mixed them up good in a big pile and put them in a bag.  The bag sits by my chair and I pull a strip out and hook it in. The wools are blending nicely as I hook them in and I am really happy with my progress.

background wools

What I am not happy about is the SNOW!  I am so over winter!  We got about another 4 - 6 inches yesterday, that after a night of light freezing rain.  Thankfully the temps yesterday were in the upper 30s so the ice melted off the power lines and most everything else before the wind came up last night. There was no snow on the deck railing or the solar lights or the flowers before the storm.

Even this guy looks like he is ready for spring!

warmer weather please!
 Was amazed this solar light got enough rays through the snow yesterday to shine for a couple hours last night!

Now, off to work on my rug some more...


  1. Your selections of fabrics for the background of your rug look spot-on perfect! Just enough difference to make it look so interesting! Bummer about the fresh snow - we've finally had lots of sunshine here in Utah after month of overcast skies and I feel nearly blinded by how bright it is! Even though the sun is shining it's still very cold.... Hang in there.....

    1. I understand about the blinding brightness of the sun on the snow - the sun came out yesterday afternoon and we had to put on our sun glasses!