Tuesday, March 19, 2013

rug progress...

Just a short post as I have not accomplished much on my rug this last week.  Here is a small portion of the background that I got filled in.  I am really loving the way the different wools are hooking up!

All I have to say about spring is:  THE GROUNDHOG LIED!!!


  1. I love the way your background wools are blending together. Our groundhog was a liar too, woke up to inches and inches of snow. So sick of winter!

  2. hey... hope you are hanging in there! yuk we got bunches more snow! my lil corgi doesnt like it that she cant get thru the deep snow to the back garage. she had a nice lil trail but thats long gone now! your rug looks great and the colors are looking good together! enjoy your evening! you must be busy with baby goats!!?

    1. Hey Jody! Nope, no baby goats yet - they are due April 5th. Tomorrow we are going to work on getting them into the barn - the gates are buried in 3 feet of snow.